Best Financial Advisors in India

My last post, spoke about the advantage which Direct plans have over Regular plans and how commission-free, fee-only financial planners help us invest in them.

Here’s the latest list of all such commission-free, fee-only financial planners I’ve come across so far. Before proceeding to contact them however, you should read the FAQ further below. Here’s the full list.


1. Are these the only commission-free financial planners in India?

Perhaps not. But these are the ones I could locate after extensive research online, while sifting through their blogs and ‘About me’ sections. A big shout out goes to which is where I first learnt about the existence of fee-only financial planners in India a couple of years ago.

If you are yourself a fee-only financial planner, or know someone who is, please write-in so I can include them in this list.

2. Can I trust them with my wealth and goals?

I would vouch whole heartedly for them. But I still expect you to do your own due diligence. Investing is not a one size fits-all strategy and a lot depends on how comfortable you are in your conversations. But, the very fact that these people have stayed from the lure of high commissions speaks volumes about their principles. I have personally interacted with some of them from the list, and I’ll happily trust them with all my wealth.

3. Does the physical location of the advisor matter? Should I only look for one in my city.

I would say No. Almost all investing now occurs online, so the physical location of your advisor does not matter. If you fail to find one in your city, you could always get onto Skype calls with any of them. I am sure they’ll oblige. You may have to do some one-time offline work in your city; like submission of CKYC documents and the like. But again, you don’t need your financial advisor with you for such tasks.

4. What all do I need to know before approaching them?

The first thing you’ll need to know are your goals and life’s milestones. What you invest in, depends a lot on how close your milestones are. So, a clear idea of your life goals will help not just you, but also your financial advisor in creating a better plan.

Other than this, though not necessary, I’d strongly recommend that you understand the fundamentals of this field. This isn’t a pitch for my book, but I do recommend reading it. Over a period of one weekend, you’ll learn just about everything you need to know about investing and living a financially well-rounded life. After the costs of distribution and publishing, an author barely makes 10% of the price of the book, so I have little to gain in book sales, but a lot to gain as human goodwill. You can buy the copy on Amazon here.

I’ll add more FAQs as more occur to me. For now, Good luck and Happy investing.

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