Investing Workshop at Bangalore in Jan 2019

Personal Finance workshop in Bengaluru - The Moneyplanting Program

Learn the basics of investing and finances. Attend the best weekend workshop in the country. ‘The Moneyplanting Program’


If there’s one thing I find more rewarding than writing, it’s teaching.

So, to enlightening more minds this year, I’ll be conducting the first workshop of 2019 on Jan 5th. Whether you’ve already read the book or not, I’d still recommend you attend this live investing workshop.

Here are a couple of reasons:

  1. The price is an incredible value-for-money. It costs 1800/- per seat. But for that price, you’ll learn a skill which will immediately help you save lakhs and in long-term, help you generate crores. So of all the weekend workshops that you could attend (photography, pottery, baking or whatever you fancy), this is one skill you’ll need no matter what you do later in life.
  2. People usually remember only 20% of what they read. From a sheer learning perspective, only 20% of the content which is read is remembered effectively. However, mixed mode methods, like the one I employ in my training, have over a 70% recall rate.
  3. Online investing workshops have a 96% drop out rate. While I could easily update the training content on a learning site like Udemy or Coursera, online courses are known to have almost a 96% drop out rate. This statistic is true for online workshops in general. That’s a terrible waste of money. Besides, uploading something online deprives me of the joy of teaching in person.

You’ll be able to book tickets here.

And here’s an added bonus for being on the blog

Use the code ‘EARLY300’ and get 300/- bucks off your ticket.

If you don’t think it’s a skill you need to learn

Then read this post here. You’ll agree I make a pretty strong case.