Big Day Today!

A couple of minutes ago, I wrote the last line for my new book which comes out mid of June 2019.

It has a total of 62,000 words, or about twice that of my last book. And it is quite literally, just about everything a working individual needs to know about investing and personal finances. It goes into far more detail compared to my earlier book, while still holding on its biggest USP; its simplicity.

Many of you have directly or indirectly contributed inputs to the book and given it a direction to improve upon. The quizzes you took helped me understand the topics which needed more attention. And so have the queries you wrote in with.

One quick round of review, after which I hand it over to my publisher just in time for the deadline. The new publisher has a far higher reach than my earlier one and has the capacity to take it to every bookstore in the deepest corners of India. Translations to some of the popular Indian languages will also planned so as to increase its reach.

My first book has already earned a review as ‘The Bible of Finance’, which to an author is as rewarding as it could get. My next book will only up the ante. And I promise to keep it updated and make it better year after year.

Time now for a much needed break. I hope you have a great start and a very rewarding 2019. And if there are things in your life which have been bothering you, whether personally, financially or with respect to your career, I’d like to leave you with an old quote which I hope will get you started on a road to change.

If you want something you’ve never had, you must be willing to do something you’ve never done.

– Thomas Jefferson

Good luck! And see you in 2019.