About Vinod Desai – Author


I am Vinod Desai. I’m the author of two books in the area of personal finance, including the recently released Grownups Are Just Kids With Money.

My earlier book, which was released about 5 years ago was called I’m earning, now what? and is outdated beyond a reasonable amount of doubt. I urge that you neither buy nor recommend that book.

On this blog, I write about, Money – Travel – Business – Life Lessons.

My past books

Highly recommended Self-help book on money matters and personal finance

The first edition was discontinued after the launch of the second edition. The second edition was also updated for the 2018 changes in the national budget.

Self-help book on Personal Finances - Grownups Are Just Kids With Money

First written in 2011 and published around 2013. This book was taken out of circulation after the launch of the book ‘Grownups Are Just Kids With Money’.

My Journey

My investing journey started 14 years ago in 2004. In hindsight, I can honestly say that all my initial investments were poorly researched. However, the interest in the field had sparked which led me to learn voraciously. I knew the mistakes I had made and started a correction course.

But it wasn’t easy. The essential knowledge needed was scattered beyond belief. To top it off, most of it was complicated. After several years of exhaustive learning, I soon arrived at a very core set of investing principles which can help anyone grow wealth and avoid expensive mistakes.

Around 2011, I started conducting full-fledged workshops for colleagues and other senior management professionals on these financial essentials and the principles of simple, stress-free investing. Every session after session got packed to the brim and there always seemed to be an endless list of people who had waitlisted themselves for the next session.

These were highly rewarding. As a matter of fact, I still receive several emails from investors who write saying that their investing journey started because of my sessions. The best compliment, however, was from a 50-year-old Senior Director, who after sitting through an entire session, ended his words by saying “Where were you when I was 25 years old.”

A big part of this earlier journey was with my friend and colleague Viresh Kumar. When workshop attendees requested us for reference materials, we started to put together some notes. It grew and grew and eventually became good enough to be made into a book. I decided to upload it to Amazon for easy distribution and it was sold as a Kindle-only version under the title I’m earning, now what?.

After a decade of investing and my own personal emphasis on keeping liabilities low, I was financially in a position to quit my full-time job by early 2016. The universe then came together to support my intentions and the company which I had worked for 10 years, got bought over for a handsome premium.

What I do now

I enjoy writing and teaching. I am now a full-time author and a corporate trainer in the field of financial wellness. I run a workshop called ‘The Moneyplanting Program’ which is all about teaching the fundamentals of this rarely taught field.

By all metrics available now, I am financially independent and have the choice to not work for life. I continue to invest and often support entrepreneurs with seed capital.

If I could only tell you five things about money

Being able to protect and grow money well, is a liberating, life-altering skill.

It’s as liberating as knowing how to ride a cycle or driving a car, and I wish you will soon see it that way too.

Growing wealth for later is not about living miserly now.

This is an ignorant man’s idea of creating wealth since the only way he knows how to accumulate wealth is by saving as much of it as possible. Once you learn the subject, you’ll understand that creating wealth is about growing as much of it as possible.

99% of financial products are designed to take advantage of you.

Financial products which most people will hear about in their lifespans would be riddled with middleman commissions which will make their hard-earned money work for someone else. Only in retirement, will even a few of those individuals would come to know of the amount of wealth they’ve lost.

No one will take care of your money as well as you would.

Which means you have to learn the nuances of the field yourself.

The actual quantum of knowledge required to generate wealth in a safe and stress-free way, is rather low.

But this crucial knowledge tends to get drowned in a sea of noise. The only way for you to identify and isolate this crucial knowledge is by first being able to understand the noise.

I do not provide financial advisory

While I am happy to reply to your queries, my answers will indeed be based on what I would do and also on the limited information that you would have provided in your query. I am not a professional financial advisor, nor do I intend to become one. Further, I cannot possibly know the full details of your situation and needs.

However, I’m happy to guide you towards fee-only financial advisors in India who work without commissions. I strongly recommend commission-free advisors since they’ve consciously chosen to stay away from the lure of kickbacks, despite those being highly lucrative.

You’ll find a full list of such advisors on my blog post here.

On other books and investment ideas

I am often asked to read other books or comment on other investing ideas. But truth be told, I have neither the time nor the intent for it. What I do, has worked perfectly well for me and I’m certain will work perfectly well even in the future. I have no intention to convince you that my strategy which I call Moneyplanting will work well for you since almost all of it is based on based on learning the fundamentals of this field. My intent is to educate you in the little ways I can so you can create a strategy which works well for you. In my mind, though I am rather certain that you will appreciate and arrive at the same strategy which I have, the journey is yours to make.

Investing is also not a one-size-fits-all strategy. It needs to be modified based on one’s own goals and needs. And there is no better person to understand your needs than yourself. The only way out in which case is to start learning the nuances of this field.