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‘I’m Earning. Now What? ‘ was written in 2011 and published around 2013. This book was taken out of circulation after the launch of the book ‘Grownups Are Just Kids With Money’.

1st Edition of ‘Grownups Are Just Kids With Money‘ was published late 2017 and was discontinued after the launch of the second edition.

2nd Edition of ‘Grownups Are Just Kids With Money‘ updated for 2018. This book is currently in the market and is available via all major e-commerce platforms.

Smart Money Moves – The latest book was released in October 2019 by Jaico Publishers.


If I could only tell you five things about money

1. Being able to protect and grow money well, is a liberating, life-altering skill.

It’s as liberating as knowing how to ride a cycle or driving a car, and I wish you will soon see it that way too. If you are reading this, do not miss my workshops. The knowledge you’ll gain will help you create an amount of wealth which is disproportional to your salary income.

2. Growing wealth for later is not about living miserly now.

People often think wealth generation occurs by saving and accumulating money. But this is an ignorant mind’s idea of creating wealth Once you learn the subject, you’ll understand that creating wealth is about growing as much of it as possible; not saving as much as possible.

3. 99% of financial products are designed to take advantage of you.

Financial products which most people will hear about in their lifespans would be riddled with middleman commissions which will make their hard-earned money work for someone else. Even in retirement, only a few of those individuals would come to know of the amount of wealth they’ve lost.

4. No one will take care of your money as well as you would.

No one. Even a well intentioned fee-only financial planner, will only work well if you keep him woefully up-to-date about your life’s updates. There is no way around. You’ll need to learn the nuances of the field yourself.

5. The actual quantum of knowledge required to generate wealth in a safe and stress-free way, is rather low.

But this crucial knowledge tends to get drowned in a sea of noise. The only way for you to identify and isolate this crucial knowledge is by first being able to understand the noise.

I do not provide financial advisory

While I am happy to reply to your mails, I tend not to reply to those which are asking for specific financial advise. I am not a professional financial advisor, nor do I intend to become one. Further, I cannot possibly know the full details of your situation and needs.

However, I’m happy to guide you towards fee-only financial advisors in India who work without commissions. I strongly recommend commission-free advisors since they’ve consciously chosen to stay away from the lure of kickbacks, despite those being highly lucrative.

You’ll find a full list of such advisors here.

On other books and investment ideas – Vinod Desai

I am often asked to read other books or comment on other investing ideas. But truth be told, I have neither the time nor the intent for it. What I’ve arrived at has worked perfectly well for me and I’m certain will work perfectly well even in the future. I have no intention to convince you that my strategy will work well for you, despite knowing fully well that it will, since almost all of it is based on learning the fundamentals of this field.

My intent is to educate you so you know what you’re doing, so you can create a strategy which works well. Though I am rather certain that you will arrive at the same strategy which I have, the journey is yours to make.

Investing is also not a one-size-fits-all strategy. It needs to be modified based on one’s own goals and needs. And there is no better person to understand your needs than yourself. The only way out in which case is to start learning the nuances of this field.

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