Personal Finance Education. Not Advertising.

90% of personal finance workshops in India are conducted by entities who are distributors and middlemen themselves.

They stand a lot to gain by promoting specific products, investing platforms and services.

We’re 100% sales-free and ruthlessly impartial. There are no products to push. No commissions to earn. The program’s only source of revenue, comes from conducting the program itself.

These commissions eat away at a significant portion of wealth. The list of all such financial middlemen, can be found here. So the program emphasizes the impact of commission-free products and free-to-use, competing platforms.

Most financial institutions, mutual fund AMCs included, provide commissions to their distributors and other middlemen, like financial distributors, to sell the fund. However, participants are never educated about Direct plans of mutual funds, since distributors and financial middlemen make any commissions when participants invest in them.

Personal Finance Education - Direct vs Regular Mutual Funds

Commissions are also the reason why several investing websites allow users to use their investing platforms for free, and even provide free personal finance programs. But nothing comes for free.

However, once an individual learns how to pick his/her own investment products, there is really no reason to invest in anything but commission-free products. And The Moneyplanting Program teaches all the effective ways to do so.

There are also plenty of financial advisors who charge a fixed upfront fee, and only work with Direct mutual funds. Participants are also taught about, ‘What to look for in a financial advisor?’ A full list of such commission-free, fee-only financial advisors, is available here.

The program teaches personal finance essentials geared towards commission-free investing. And its goals are three-fold:

  • To lay a foundation for all the necessary aspects of grown-up finances.
  • To ensure participants start right and avoid expensive investing mistakes.
  • To increase your savings and investments at a reasonable pace with low stress and effort, leaving you more time for the things in life which matter more.