| BENEFITS derived from increased employee financial literacy

And all aspects of personal well-being are tied to financial well-being.

Improving employee financial literacy is a win-win for both the employee and the organization. Here are two compelling reasons why every organization in India needs to help their workforce improve their understanding of finances.

BENEFITS TO HR AND PAYROLL from improved EMPLOYEE financial literacy

A truly altruistic demonstration of employee welfare

Due to the topic of finances being so critical, this program directly impacts the well-being of your employees well into retirement.

Better design of incentive programs

A deeper understanding of investment options and taxation in India will help payroll teams craft better compensation and benefit structures, and more compelling employee incentive programs.

ORGANIZATIONAL BENEFITS of improved Employee financial literacy

In the wake of news of constant financial news, financial distress is known to reduce productivity, and undermine employee health.

Conducting such a program helps your workforce set aside their financial anxiety, thus allowing them to focus better on work.


Employees will be able to make better sense of business and market financials.

A competitive edge

All employees care deeply about making better decisions for their salary. Providing your workforce with the tools and the knowledge seen as a competitive edge.

Source: Consumer Financial Protection Bureau on Financial Wellness at Work