The fear of the topic of investing and finances is widespread. Owing to this, millions of otherwise well-educated adults commit the same financial mistakes year after year. But poor investing aside, there are plenty of other ways to lose hard-earned wealth.

The Moneyplanting Program teaches every aspect needed by every working individual to live a financially rewarding life.

ADDITIONAL corporate wellness workshop BENEFITS

1. Free 20 min consultation with India’s top financial advisors

We’ve partnered with multiple commission-free financial advisor in India; all of who provide unbiased recommendations and end-to-end financial planning.

2. 25% off on book giveaways

The book Smart Money Moves allows participants to continue their learning and provides easy reference to everything that’s been taught.

3. Co-branding and customization

The program can be customized to your payroll structure. While co-branding allows the program to become an extension of your company.

more about the workshop’s USP

Visit the home page here, and the program page here.


What is the recommended size for each seminar?

In order to allow space for interactions, the recommended size per session is 100 PAX.

What is the recommendation duration for the program each day?

Recommended start is at 9 AM and End at 5:00 PM.

Do participants need a laptop/computer during the program?

Participants do not need to have computers.

What is the best time of the week to schedule the employee financial wellness program?

The program though highly engaging, can feel overwhelming due to the amount of knowledge learnt. It is recommended that the program be held towards the end of the week.

Does the program make any specific investment recommendations?

No. The program is 100% sales-free. Participants will be taught about

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