Employee Program on Financial Wellness - India 1

The business of education; not advertising

The program is 100% sales-free and ruthlessly impartial.

There are no products to push. No commissions to earn. The program’s only source of revenue, comes from conducting the program itself.

Employee Program on Financial Wellness - India 3

Reinventing the way people look at finances

The program’s use of storytelling, live demos, and and a mixed-mode training approach makes understanding even advanced concepts surprisingly effortless.

It is this that has helped so many take their first steps in investing.

The program teaches this otherwise dull and intimidating topic in a whole new light.

Employee Program on Financial Wellness - India 2

End-to-end, critical financial literacy

Saving taxes and investing can be daunting. But these are only a small part of financial well-being.

There are also plenty of products which help save taxes, but erode wealth at a tremendous pace.

This program goes beyond investing and tax-saving, and teaches every aspect needed by every working individual to live a financially well-rounded life.