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The Rampant mis-selling

This 4-year Harvard led study, speaks about the ‘rampant’ mis-selling which occurs in the Indian financial market due to agents and advisors being driven primarily by commissions.

Insurance middlemen often make 30-45% as commissions on the products they sell; which means more than 1/3rd of your hard earned money wouldn’t be working for you.



In an unprecedented move, India’s regulatory body SEBI recently went to extent of warning mutual fund houses about the excessive commissions being paid to advisors and distributors.

Around 8500 Crores of investor wealth was consumed by mutual fund middlemen in the form of commissions in FY 2018 alone. More than 95% of financial advisors in India, are commission agents.

Motivated by these high sales commissions, several advisors and platforms allow you to use their investing platforms for free, and even provide free financial advise. Many also masquerade as financial education providers.