A little knowledge is dangerous. So is a lot.

Learning about finances and investing wasn’t easy.

Until this came along.

For far too long, the subject of investing and finances, has gone severely under-taught. And due to the subject’s reliance on rarely understood jargon, it has always been hard to learn. This leads millions to avoid learning the skill altogether, and making the same financial mistakes year after year.

But the quantum of knowledge required to generate and protect wealth in a stress-free manner, is finite, and can easily be learnt.

Through his books and workshops, Vinod makes this highly critical knowledge accessible. The emphasis is on teaching the fundamentals, and treading that middle ground between too much knowledge, and too little. It is this aspect of his work, which has helped thousands take their first steps in investing.

Vinod Desai

About Vinod Desai

Vinod Desai is to personal finance, what Erin Brokovich is to Consumer Advocacy Law. His USP comes from the fact that he understands how most people perceive the topic of finances. His work’s focus is on education. He stays outside the commission riddled financial system. This helps him keep his work impartial and unbiased.

He has authored multiple books in the area of personal finances and investing. Click here to find out more.

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Common themes across Vinod’s work


His books and workshops are ruthlessly impartial and unbiased. There are no products to push, no middleman commissions to earn. People get to truly learn of the things that work best. He is in the business of educating; not selling.


His work goes beyond topics of investing to teach every aspect needed by every working individual to live a financially rewarding life. Taxation, insurance, most common pitfalls, life-pro tips, salary structures and more.


Highly engaging content coupled with the use of real-life financial stories & events ensures that every concept is understood brilliantly and in a way it sticks; no matter how hard.

First time here?

Whether its your first time on the site, or if you’ve just gotten keen on learning the field, this here is where you get started.


Which website should you use to invest in Direct mutual funds?

Priya wrote in asking: MF utilities; I feel it is not at all user-friendly. What would you say about paytmmoney and Wealthtrust websites? Are they trustworthy? She's right. The interface for MFU online in terrible. But, simply from the fact that MFUtilities is run by the consortium of mutual fund ...
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Big Day Today!

A couple of minutes ago, I wrote the last line for my new book which comes out mid of June 2019. It has a total of 62,000 words, or about twice that of my last book. And it is quite literally, just about everything a working individual needs to know ...
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Taxes On Mutual Funds And Other Common Assets

I recently received a query about taxes on mutual funds. So I decided to put together a post which covers taxation of mutual funds and other more common assets. STCG stands for Short-Term Capital Gains LTCG stands for Long-Term Capital Gains Indexation benefit allows you to reduce your tax burden, ...
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Mutual Fund : Should You Sell your ELSS After 3 Years?  

Shriya recently read the book and had this query on ELSS Mutual funds. I came across your book : Grownups are just kids with money and found your inputs useful. I have one ELSS with DSP Black rock. Since ELSS has locking period of 3 years .what should one do ...
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Quote to inspire and never stop learning

Every next level of your life, will require a different you. Leonardo DiCaprio ...
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5 Things About Money Which Many Will Realize Too Late

If I were allowed to tell you only 5 things about money, here's what they'd be. Being able to invest money well, is a life-altering skill. And yet, very few will ever learn it. Knowing how to grow and protect money in a stress-free manner, is as liberating a skill ...
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Best Financial Advisors in India

What's behind the claim of rating them 'Best'? My last post, spoke about the advantage which Direct plans have over Regular plans. The deceptively named 'Regular plans' have middlemen involved. They eat away at small portions of your wealth in the form of commissions. In 2018, middlemen made an incredible ...
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Why Commission-Free, Fee-Only Financial Advisors Are Rare

In case you aren't able to comprehend how valuable this information is, or how rare a no-commission, fee-only financial planner is, here's some data. As per SEBI, there are currently a total of 1032 registered financial advisors in India. And so far, I've come across about 15 fee-only financial advisors ...
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Why Stocks Go Up And Down

There's a popular story on stocks which very well explains the behavior of the short term stock markets. And at a time when markets are showing high volatility(as they often do), I thought you'd find this story interesting too. So here goes. It was autumn, and members of a Native ...
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Do Nothing When Stock Markets Crash

Over the past couple of days, I've had several friends and colleagues who displayed signs of panic. They were looking at the markets and frantically  sharing snapshots of their investments, which unsurprisingly, were all in the red. They were all holding highly rated, good performing funds. But they were nevertheless ...
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