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Our programs teach essential financial knowledge in a whole new light, and give your employees a 10-year head start. See what makes us the gold standard of employee financial wellness programs in India​

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Employee Financial Wellness Programs & Surveys

A critical life-skill that almost everyone fears

Here are two reasons why employee financial wellness initiatives need a priority boost at the workplace

Only 20% of working adults possess an adequate knowledge of finances

From CEOs, to doctors, to engineers; the fear of dealing with finances is widespread. Besides a lack of reliable learning resources, the topic has been widely inaccessible for the longest of times.

Due to this fear, millions of working Indians, despite being well-educated, fall prey to bad advise, invest hastily, and commit the same financial mistakes year after year.

The rampant mis-selling of financial products

Whether it’s insurance, advisory or mutual funds, financial industry the world over is riddled with lucrative commissions for anyone willing to sell a financial product. There are fortunes to be made by being the middle man.

This lure of commissions has led to rampant mis-selling. The low financial literacy in India makes mis-selling much easier.

“Never seen people mobbing the speaker afterwards! Great session. Enthralled! The session was beautiful. It really demystified personal finances for dummies.”

Director, Semiconductor firm

“It was lovely and refreshing to hear the talk. It was also a nice validation of everything we have studied and practiced over the years. Thank you so much for taking the time to talk to us!”

General Manager, Chartered accountancy firm

The Moneyplanting Program on Employee Financial Wellness

About us

Employee Financial Wellness Programs & Surveys

Our workplace employee financial wellness programs inspire and teach your workforce about the fundamentals of personal finances & investing, allowing them to take their first steps.

The program teaches essential financial concepts that all working adults need to know. Besides inspiring the participants in ways few other programs do, it also educates about commission-free financial products and competing platforms.

This is critical financial knowledge; one which even the keen, often take more than 10-years to gather.

“Absolute gem. Have seen many videos, read many articles, this is so far the best session that I have attended. Can’t tell how much valuable session it was..”

Participant feedback

“Brilliant session! It’s often difficult for a finance speaker to keep the audience engaging and interesting. This was amazingly insightful. Looking forward to hearing more of.”

Participant feedback

“The speaker did a very good job in making me understand basics of finance. It was an eye-opener for me.”

Participant feedback

What's behind our reviews?

So much love for an employee financial wellness program is rather unusual. Here's why our participants cherish our employee financial wellness programs

Employee Financial Wellness Programs & Surveys

The business of education; not advertising

Our programs are ruthlessly impartial and 100% sales-free. There are no products to push, no commissions to earn. The program’s only source of revenue, is the program itself.

Personal finance in a whole new light

The employee financial wellness program’s use of storytelling, case-studies and riveting content, makes understanding of even advanced concepts surprisingly effortless. Finance has never been taught this way before. 

The big picture thinking approach

A usual approach to teaching finances involves exercises in budgeting, planning, and pouring over spreadsheets of data. But this approach is proven to worsen the learning barrier and increase the fear of finances.

Our program focuses on imparting fundamentals, and a big-picture thinking approach. This makes that crucial first step and continued learning, much more easier.

An initiative founded by author Vinod Desai

The business case for employee financial wellness programs

Hosting employee financial wellness programs benefits an organizations at multiple levels

Employee Financial Wellness Programs & Surveys

Less stressed workforce & higher productivity

Studies show that employees who know how to invest their money well, tend to be less stressed compared to those who don’t.

This knowledge is also known to reduce absenteeism, and increase productivity, as employees find it easier to focus in the workplace.

Increased job satisfaction & employee retention

Availability of tools and resources which can help in money management are known to increase job satisfaction and employee goodwill.

Employees appreciate the organization for providing such unbiased financial wellness resources, which are hard to come across otherwise.

More efficient HR & payroll teams

A significant overhead for any HR and payroll teams are queries related salary, taxation, and insurances. Improved workplace financial literacy significantly reduces this overhead and directly leads to reduced support loads.

And the knowledge of finances helps payroll teams craft more compelling employee incentive programs.

High impact, High RoI

Due to the field of finances being critical to overall well-being, the program immediately and positively impacts the lives of all your employees immediately, and well into retirement.

Of all the L&D initiatives you could provide, this program offers both high impact, and high RoI.

A checklist to pick the right employee financial wellness program

With the lure of commissions being so high, almost all financial distributors masquerade as financial wellness providers. A surprisingly high number of organizations fall for their pitch, and end up shepherding their entire workforce, towards a sales-funnel.

So whether you partner with us or someone else, this article will give you a simple checklist to ensure you onboard the right employee financial wellness provider.

Program modes

All our employee financial wellness programs & modules

Our 1-time primer

Our Bootcamp primer module is eye-opening, and inspires your workplace about the importance of financial literacy, in a way no other program or book could. This is also a great way to get to know the program and its methods.

Our 4-part foundational series

Four parts spanning fundamentals; starting from an understanding of asset classes, mutual funds, to income and taxation — a great way to lay the foundation for your workforce’s financial literacy.

Our 8-part comprehensive series

Spanning just about all financial concepts, our comprehensive 8-part series provides all the knowledge your employees need to start their journey.

Graduate employee program

Give a life-altering, early-career boost to your entry & graduate level employees

Mid & senior level programs

Help your leads, managers, and department heads understand advanced topics on investing

Financial wellness survey & health score

Our workplace financial wellness survey provides your workforce a tool to gauge their financial health & preparedness, while providing you with critical insight in areas of financial concern. This helps payroll and HR teams create more compelling incentives, and improve incentive communication programs.

Click here to look at our public survey, or ask us for a sample report.

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Employee financial wellness programs & modules

Employee Financial Wellness Programs & Surveys

Top firms from India & Asia

From MNCs headquartered outside India, to some of our own homegrown, most prolific of organizations.

Educational institutions

From medical colleges to international schools – our curated, storytelling focused content means that there are takeaways for everyone.

Charities and Not-For-Profits

We provide our sessions at zero-cost to NGOs and Not-for-profit organizations.

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