Being able to understand finances is a critical life skill.

For far too long, the subject of investing and finances, has gone severely under-taught. And due to the subject’s reliance on rarely understood jargon, the barrier for learning has always been high.

The Moneyplanting Program on Financial Wellness & Investing

The Moneyplanting Program is a foundation course in personal finances. It teaches the fundamentals of everything that every working adult needs to know about investing and finances.

The Program Is Unique Because It’s

Financial Wellness Workshops and Books - The Moneyplanting Program

100% Sales-free And Unbiased

There are no products to push, no middleman commissions to earn. The program’s only source of revenue comes from the program itself. Participants hence get to truly learn of the things that work best. Because this is the business of educating; not selling.

Financial Wellness Workshops and Books - The Moneyplanting Program


It goes beyond topics of investing to teach every aspect needed by every working individual to live a financially rewarding life – taxation, insurance, most common pitfalls, life-pro-tips, fundamentals and more.

Financial Wellness Workshops and Books - The Moneyplanting Program


Highly engaging content coupled with the use of real-life financial stories and events ensures that every concept is understood brilliantly, and in a way that sticks. This is personal finance in a way never taught before.

About Vinod Desai

Vinod Desai -Author, Speaker

Vinod Desai is to personal finance, what Erin Brokovich is to Consumer Advocacy Law.

His USP comes from the fact that he understands how most adults perceive the topic of finances. With the help of story-telling, he simplifies concepts in ways rarely simplified before.His work’s focus is on education. He stays outside the commission riddled financial system. This helps him keep his work impartial and unbiased.

He has authored multiple books in the area of personal finances and investing. Through them, Vinod makes critical financial knowledge accessible. The emphasis is on teaching the fundamentals, and treading that middle ground between too much information, and too little. It’s this aspect of his work, which has helped thousands take their first steps in investing.

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What participants said

Enlightening. Powerful. Exciting.


Clear. Value. Knowledge. Fully enjoyed. Thank you for the good session.


Best session ever! 🙂


Informative. To the point. Clear.


Informative, well presented, consolidated, easy to understand.


Thoughtful, valuable, financial common sense.


Investment, MF and overall. Simplified, excellent value. Very interactive, hence useful a lot. Very much enjoyed.


Insightful, educative, engaging.


Why Learn?

Because no one will take care of your money the way you would.

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The Rampant mis-selling

This 4-year Harvard led study, speaks about the ‘rampant’ mis-selling which occurs in the Indian financial market due to agents and advisors being driven primarily by commissions.

Insurance middlemen often make 30-45% as commissions on the products they sell; which means more than 1/3rd of your hard earned money wouldn’t be working for you.



In an unprecedented move, India’s regulatory body SEBI recently went to extent of warning mutual fund houses about the excessive commissions being paid to advisors and distributors.

Around 8500 Crores of investor wealth was consumed by mutual fund middlemen in the form of commissions in FY 2018 alone. More than 95% of financial advisors in India, are commission agents.

Motivated by these high sales commissions, several advisors and platforms allow you to use their investing platforms for free, and even provide free financial advise. Many also masquerade as financial education providers.

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