There’s never been a program more life changing than this.

The Moneyplanting Program On Financial Wellness By Vinod Desai - Author Smart Money Moves

The Moneyplanting Program on financial wellness teaches the fundamentals of personal finances. And it does so in a way rarely ever taught before.


An Eye-opener!


Geeth, bangalore



Asha, bangalore

Super kickstarter


Aparajith, bangalore

Everyone needs to attend this yesterday!!






Enlightening. Powerful. Exciting.



Best session ever!



Never seen people mobbing the speaker afterwards! Great session.


Asha M, Bangalore

Why such high praise?

What's special about The Moneyplanting Program on Financial wellness

Story-telling coupled with unparalleled training content

The program’s conducted by a story-teller, there are plenty of live demos, and the training content in itself is unlike any other. This mixed-mode approach makes understanding even advanced concepts surprisingly effortless. No participant goes back without learning the fundamentals of this critical life-skill.

This is financial wellness in a way never taught before.

What's special about The Moneyplanting Program on Financial wellness By Vinod Desai

No products to push, No undisclosed commissions to earn

Most financial wellness programs in India are conducted by financial distributors and middlemen with plenty to gain off your employees. These middlemen earn commission anytime your employees use their recommended platforms. Unfortunately, these commissions severely affect wealth generation.

The Moneyplanting Program on financial wellness is 100% sales-free & ruthlessly impartial. So it emphasizes the impact of commission-free products like Direct Mutual Funds, and also educates about all the free-to-use commission-free platforms.

The Moneyplanting Program on Financial Wellness - By Viinod Desai - Author of Smart Money Moves

But Everything that every adult needs to know about finances

Poor investing aside, there are plenty of other ways to lose hard-earned wealth. The Moneyplanting Program teaches every aspect needed by every working individual to live a financially rewarding life – loans, insurance, retirement investing, life’s pro tips, tools, how-tos and more.

Take The Leap

The Moneyplanting Program on Employee Financial Wellness

Weekend Programs

Entry restricted to 15. Next program scheduled for Nov 17th, 2109

The Moneyplanting Program on Financial Wellness - By Author Vinod Desai - Smart Money Moves

Corporate Financial Wellness

Gift your employees a 10 year head start on their knowledge of finances.

Smart Money Moves - New Self-Help Book on Financial Wellness by Author Vinod Desai - The Moneyplanting Program

Self-help Book

‘Smart Money Moves’ – the follow up to the highly successful book ‘Grownups Are Just Kids With Money’