Knowledge of good investing can do wonders. Reward your employees with a 10-year head start.

Financial Wellness Programs and Resources in India - The Moneyplanting Program And Smart Money Moves

The Moneyplanting Program on Employee Financial Wellness teaches the fundamentals of wealth building and essential finances.

This is critical, essential knowledge; one which even the financially inclined take more than 10 years to gather.

Acclaim And Reviews

An Eye-opener!


ARCHITECT, gayathri and namith architects




Super kickstarter


SENIOR UX DESIGNER, emtropy labs

Everyone needs to attend this yesterday!!


hr manager, arm

Consolidated, easy to understand





founder, luxe affair

Enlightening. Powerful. Exciting.


head of sustainability, AOL

Best session ever!


entrepreneur, BANGALORE

Never seen people mobbing the speaker afterwards! Great session.


senior manager, ARM

Investment & MF Simplified



Why the high praise?

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The business of education; not advertising

The program is 100% sales-free and ruthlessly impartial.

There are no products to push. No commissions to earn. The program’s only source of revenue, comes from conducting the program itself.

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Reinventing the way people look at finances

The program’s use of storytelling, live demos, and and a mixed-mode training approach makes understanding even advanced concepts surprisingly effortless.

It is this that has helped so many take their first steps in investing.

The program teaches this otherwise dull and intimidating topic in a whole new light.

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End-to-end, critical financial literacy

Saving taxes and investing can be daunting. But these are only a small part of financial well-being.

There are also plenty of products which help save taxes, but erode wealth at a tremendous pace.

This program goes beyond investing and tax-saving, and teaches every aspect needed by every working individual to live a financially well-rounded life.

The Business Case For Improving Employee Financial Literacy

A workplace is the primary source of income to most employees. Providing the knowledge and resources your workforce needs, to their improve financial literacy is proven to have significant benefits at several levels of the organization. An Improved financial literacy also helps your HR and Payroll teams.

Here are just some of the the benefits.

A Less stressed workforce & Improved Productivity

Studies show that employees who know how to invest their money well tend to be less stressed compared to those who don’t.

This is also known to reduce absenteeism, and increase productivity, as employees find it easier to focus on work.

Reduced overhead for HR & Payroll

A significant overhead for any HR department are queries related to insurance, taxation, salary and tax-saving.

This workplace wellness program helps significantly reduce this overhead as employees become much more educated on all aspects of investing, insurance and taxation. This directly leads to reduced support loads.

Increased employee retention and engagement

Studies indicate that organizations which offer financial wellness programs and resources to their employees have

  • Higher employee retention
  • Increased employee engagement

Increased job satisfaction

Job satisfaction levels of the workforce is also known to increase since employees appreciate the organization for providing an unbiased financial wellness program that is hard to find otherwise.

But there are countless more benefits as well.

Corporate Wellness Program Modules

The Moneyplanting Program is amongst the most high impact, high RoI corporate wellness programs in India. Here are three different modules to engage with.

2-Hour Bootcamp & Book Giveaway

The Bootcamp session teaches critical investing principles and inspires attendees to begin their financial learning. It also provides an excellent overview of the full program.

Essential Program on Financial Wellbeing

1-Day essential Corporate wellness Program

Complementary Bootcamp, fundamentals of equities and other asset classes, A-Z of mutual funds, basic taxation and investing strategies and how-tos. In short, everything needed get started.

2-day comprehensive corporate wellness program

Everything from the Essential program, plus modules on loans, insurance, life’s pro tips, salary structures, goal planning, income and taxation, and more.

About Vinod Desai

Vinod Desai is to personal finance, what Erin Brokovich is to Consumer Advocacy Law.

Vinod Desai - Author, Speaker

His investing journey started 15 years ago in 2004. His USP comes from the fact that he understands how most adults perceive the topic of finances. With the help of story-telling, he simplifies concepts in ways rarely simplified before.

His work’s focus is on education. He stays outside the commission riddled financial system. This helps him keep his work impartial and unbiased.

Vinod Desai has authored multiple books in the area of personal finances and investing. Through them, Vinod makes critical financial knowledge accessible. The emphasis is on teaching the fundamentals, and treading that middle ground between too much information, and too little. It’s this aspect of his work, which has helped thousands take their first steps in investing.

You can find his LinkedIn Profile here.

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