Employee financial wellness programs that inspire your workforce and give them a 10-year head start

Get happier, more productive employees

Knowledge of investing and essential personal finances can do wonders to employee wellbeing.

An essential life skill. Yet vastly inaccessible.

Two reasons why employee financial wellness programs need a priority boost at the workplace

Only 1 in 5 adults possesses an adequate understanding of necessary financial concepts

From CEOs, to doctors, to engineers; the fear of dealing with personal finances is widespread. Besides a lack of reliable learning resources, the topic has been widely inaccessible for the longest of times.

Due to this fear, millions of working Indians, despite being well-educated, fall prey to bad advise, invest hastily, and commit the same financial mistakes year after year.

The rampant mis-selling of financial products

Whether it’s insurance, advisory or mutual funds, financial industry the world over is riddled with lucrative commissions for anyone willing to sell a financial product. There are fortunes to be made by being the middle man.

This lure of commissions has led to rampant mis-selling in India. So much so, that Harvard published a study on it

Our employee financial wellness programs teach the fundamentals of investing and essential finances

And they does so in a way rarely taught before

This is critical financial knowledge; one which even the financially inclined take more than 10-years to gather

Our workplace employee financial wellness programs inspire and teach your workforce the fundamentals of personal finances investing, allowing them to take their first steps. The program teaches essential financial concepts that all working individuals need. Besides inspiring the participants in ways few other programs do, it also educates about commission-free financial products, competing platforms and free-for-life resources.

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What's behind our reviews?

So much fanfare for an employee financial wellness program is rather unusual. Here's why our partners and participants rave about our employee financial wellness programs

The business of education; not advertising

Our programs are ruthlessly impartial and 100% sales-free. There are no products to push, no commissions to earn. The program’s only source of revenue, is the program itself.

Storytelling brought to finances

The employee financial wellness program’s use of storytelling, case-studies and riveting content, makes understanding of even advanced concepts surprisingly effortless. Finance has never been taught this way before. 

The big picture thinking approach

A usual approach to teaching finances involves exercises in budgeting, planning, and pouring over spreadsheets of data. But this approach is proven to worsen the learning barrier and increase the fear of finances.

Our program focuses on imparting fundamentals, and a big-picture thinking approach. This makes that crucial first step and continued learning, much more easier.

The benefits of hosting our employee financial wellness programs

Hosting employee financial wellness programs benefits organizations at multiple levels

Less stressed workforce & higher productivity

Studies show that employees who know how to invest their money well, tend to be less stressed compared to those who don’t.

This knowledge is also known to reduce absenteeism, and productivity, as employees find it easier to focus in the workplace.

Increased job satisfaction & employee retention

Availability of tools and resources which can help in money management are known to increase job satisfaction and employee goodwill.

Employees appreciate the organization for providing such unbiased financial wellness resources, which are hard to come across otherwise.

More efficient HR & payroll teams

A significant overhead for any HR and payroll teams are queries related salary, taxation, and insurances. Improved workplace financial literacy significantly reduces this overhead and directly leads to reduced support loads.

And the knowledge of finances helps payroll teams craft more compelling employee incentive programs.

High impact, High RoI

Due to the field of finances being critical to overall well-being, the program immediately and positively impacts the lives of all your employees immediately, and well into retirement.

Of all the L&D initiatives you could provide, this program offers both high impact, and high RoI.

Choosing an employee financial wellness program

Whether you partner with us or someone else, this article will give you a simple checklist to ensure you onboard the right employee financial wellness provider.

Our employee financial wellness programs have helped thousands from diverse organisations

We have little doubt that we can help yours too

Allow us to make our case. We’ll be glad to call you back and provide you with everything you need. 

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