Financial Wellness Survey & Score

The financial wellness survey helps you assess your overall financial state. The score will help you understand if concrete steps need to be taken to improve your financial health.
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Before you take the Survey

  • Neither the survey, nor do any of the questions collect any personally identifiable data. The process is anonymous.
  • There are no right or wrong answers. Each answer is subjective to your current circumstances. Answering them as truthfully as possible, will provide you with the best assessment.

Financial Wellness Survey

Understanding your score

“Wealth consists not in having great possessions, but in having fewer wants.”

– Epictetus

A reference chart for the score is as below:


Very low financial health


Low financial health


Average financial health


Good financial health

> 90

Excellent financial health

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How to Improve your score

Step #1

Purchase adequate term life insurance

  • Term life insurance costs very little and provides high insurance coverage. For a typical, well-insured individual, this cover should be between 10 to 20 times their annual income.
  • Ensure you increase your term life insurance cover anytime your liabilities increase. 

Step #2

Purchase adequate health insurance

  • Having adequate health insurance cover for you and your dependents ensures you don’t empty your savings and investments on hospitalisation expenses. 
  • Health insurance can seem expensive. But not having this costs far more
  • Don’t rely on company insurance alone. Purchase your own health insurance cover and increase it as necessary

Step #3

Understand investing & essential finances better

  • The fear of finances is common. Without an understanding of essential fundamentals, the topic of finances will always seem intimidating and complex. 
  • This lack of financial knowledge will also leave you vulnerable to financial mis-selling which is rampant in India. Millions of well-educated Indians fall prey to bad advise, invest under haste, and commit the same mistakes year after year. 
  • Click here for a book which will provide you with a 10-year head start on your knowledge of finances

Step #4

Put this fivefold path into practise

  • The fivefold path to wealth summarises the learnings of more than a century of investing.
  • Click to read more

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