Basics of Investing for beginners

Whether you want to invest in stocks, or buy an insurance -- learn the basics of investing for beginners, in one single place

The Two Approaches

But just one that works

The mishmash, haphazard way ​
About 99% of those who start investing start this way.
They never learn the fundamentals, but instead jump in with the aim of saving taxes or with the intention of becoming rich quick.
They watch a youtube video once a while, read an article hear and there, and get started. So while they read about how equities generate wealth, they never read about the risks. While they read that life insurance saves taxes, they never read about what kind of insurance is good for them.
And since they haven’t learnt the fundamentals, they also end up becoming prime targets of mis-selling. Millions of surprisingly well-educated Indians commit the same, grave financial mistakes year after year.
The organized, educated way​

This approach often takes time and a fair bit of effort and hence is the path which less than barely 20% of the investing population takes.

This approach involves understanding the fundamentals first. Every asset class one could invest in, behaves in a certain way. And every investment product follows its own unique timeline and process to bear the right fruit. Some products are designed to grow wealth, while some to protect wealth.

Unfortunately though, a majority of the products are designed to make wealth for the person selling the product.

Investing is as much about growing wealth, as it is about knowing what products to not invest in.
An educated, well-read approach ensures you lay a strong foundation for life.


Two days of reading which gives a 10-year head start

The Book

This is Vinod’s third book. And it is by far the easiest, most cost-effective way to get started on your journey of financial literacy. You’ll get to learn a lifetime of invaluable knowledge, for the price of a cheap pizza.

The book is a follow up to the now outdated, but highly rated book ‘Grownups Are Just Kids With Money’

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Why was this book on basics of investing for beginners written?

The essential financial knowledge which every adult needs, has always gotten lost in a world of unfamiliar, convoluted concepts and words.
Most of the resources on this topic out there, are either too vast, too narrow, or too complicated.  They almost always fail to provide the much-needed larger context, while others are verbose and scattered enough to deter even a keen individual from learning this much-needed life skill.

It’s no surprise then, that millions continue to live with meager or no financial knowledge, despite having had a steady income for more than a decade. Most tend to burn away the initial years, with the idea of making it up with just salary increments. So they work harder and harder each year, live incrementally stressful lives, just to earn more, and soon be in a place where they won’t have to worry about finances.

To top it off, Leading a good financial life has lot more to it than simply growing money. rarely are all aspects of financial well-being covered in one single place.

This book on basics of Investing for beginners, was written precisely with this in mind

Rarely are all critical aspects of finances available in one single place. 

This single book however, contains everything that every working adult needs to know about finances. Its pages hold personal finance knowledge rarely available in one single place — from the basics of asset classes, investment options and salary structures, to taxation, loans, insurance and most importantly, the fundamentals of simple, stress-free investing.

Young or old, by the time you are done with this book, you’ll find yourself in a whole new league. You’ll be able to make sound financial decisions, prevent yourself from becoming a victim of bad financial advice, know how to invest and control the flow of money, and be better prepared for life’s surprises.

And like most readers of the book so far, you too, will be amazed by the amount of knowledge you’ve gained in such a short period of time.