Course on Investing and Personal Finances

This course on investing and personal finances is designed for beginners. If you've always been intimidated by the topic of finances, or couldn't figure out how or where to where to start, this program is for you.
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Course on investing and personal finances

Learn everything a working adult needs to know about finances

For far too long, the topic of essential finances has remained widely inaccessible. Most online resources are either too technical for beginners, or fail to provide a much needed broader perspective. Our schools and colleges too do very little to teach this essential life skill. 

This course on investing and personal finances is a foundational course which covers everything a working adult needs to know. It goes beyond the fundamentals of investing, and covers other critical aspects of personal finances such as insurance, salary structures, taxation, loans and the like. 


Course on investing and personal finances

Program Modules

You’ll have access to detailed course plans, module sections, workgroup assignments, class directory and the like after enrolment. These here are the modules which will be covered.

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F.A.Qs | Course on investing and personal finances

The program’s  designed beginners. No prior background of either finances or money matters is needed. 

Think of the course as a fundamental primer for adulthood. The course teaches all aspects of finances – aspects which every working adult needs to know beyond investing – aspects like understanding of loans, taxation, salary structures, insurance, tax-saving, common pitfalls etc. 

Once you’ve completed the course, besides having overcome any fear of dealing with finances,

  1. You will have gained a sound understanding of financial fundamentals.
  2. You will be able to take clear decisions on your investment and insurance needs.
  3. You will know how to evaluate & research new investment products and ideas
  4. You will be able to identify a good product from a bad one. 

The program teaches a concept called Moneyplanting – which is all about investing well, while still having plenty of time and headspace for other, more important things in life. 

So the program does not teach:

  • Stock picking and trading
  • Shorting, Short squeezing
  • Intraday, Options & Futures trading
  • Advanced ways of tax avoidance
  • And other investing approaches which which are known to increase stress but perform no better.

You can take the myriad of quizzes on the site, starting from the Essential finances quiz. Knowledge gained from the program will pretty much enable you to score a 10/10 on each of those quizzes. 

The program is based on the book. But there are reasons why a live course like this is more beneficial. 

  1. From a learning perspective, the human brain is  capable of only remembering 20% of what is read. But learning from a mixed-mode training like this, is known to have a 70% recall rate.
  2. The program’s content and teaching methodology is what sets it apart. Attendance to each program is restricted, you’ll be working in small groups of 2-3, and will have plenty of time for interactions and questions. All of this ensures a learning which you can count on for life. 

Yes. There’s a full fledged guide called ‘Smart Money Moves’. It’s available on Amazon, Flipkart and in bookstores all across India. There’s no need to pick up the book before the start of the program. However, it makes for essential and highly recommended reading after the session.

We’ll be using Google Classroom and Google Meet. You can chose to install these apps, but they function just as well on a browser. 

Technically yes. 80% of the content is dedicated to fundamentals, and these do not change from country to country. The program however does not cover international taxation and NRI/NRO investments. 

But, if you are based outside of India, we do not recommend signing up for the course. Classes are held between 5 & 7 PM IST on weekdays and at noon on weekends, and you will need to collaborate with your peers for workgroup projects on other days. We imagine you’ll have to stay awake at odd hours of the day to make this work.

All sessions are  taught by Author Vinod Desai himself.

Payment can be made via UPI.

We’ve ensured that this will never happen. The enrolment form closes automatically, once the class threshold is reached.

In the remote case that this does happen, you will be refunded in full within 2 business days. 


We also want to tell you that you’re not alone. 

The fear of finances is widespread, and in many ways is an epidemic of sorts. Most working adults end up losing at least 10 to 15 years to this fear, irrespective of their profession. We’ve come across folks from Tier-1 MBA colleges who’ve invested in one ULIP after another, senior execs from IT and surgeons who are only comfortable with bank FDs, and even chartered accountants who are very good at book-keeping, but poor at basic investing. So irrespective of your age or profession, we’re glad you’re taking your first steps.  

The course’s oldest participant so far, was aged 58. He attended the program along with his spouse,  and to this day, credits the program for changing the way his family looked at finances. 

We run tight ship and cancellations and re-registrations take our focus away from things that matter more.

In case you have a confirmed spot and are unable to attend, you can choose to gift the spot to a friend or family member. We’re certain they’ll thank you for life. You can write to and request a transfer. 

Each student will have to enrol with their own details(email address/name etc.). This is since we use Google Classroom to create workgroups and assign group projects. 

In case you think someone else could use these classes as well, please forward along the enrolment page to them.  

In short, work. Lots of it. What was an offline course is being moved fully online; modules are being reorganized, re-done to ensure even better education; Google classroom is being updated with assignments.

Besides all of other Vinod’s commitments, he is also in the midst of writing two new books. All said, signing up below is the best, and perhaps the only way to be among the first to know when slots are opened. 

If you can’t wait, and are very eager to get your journey started, pick up a copy of the book and make most of the wait time.

Sign up below to receive alerts on future course dates. You will receive a mail once the next dates are announced. 

Read through the course details again, pay the course fee, and enrol.

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