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Being able to understand finances is a critical life skill. And one you need no matter what other skills you have.

The essential financial knowledge which every working adult needs has always gotten lost in a world of complicated concepts and words.

So much so, that it prevents an even otherwise keen individual from learning.

It’s easy to find individuals with little or no financial knowledge, despite having had an income for over 10 years. Lack of adequate financial literacy means that despite being well educated, millions fall prey to bad advise, invest hastily, and commit the same financial mistakes year after year.

Most investment products are riddled with commissions. And more than 95% of financial advisors are commission agents.

  • A 4-year Harvard led study, spoke about the ‘rampant’ mis-selling which occurs in the Indian financial market, due to agents and advisors being driven primarily by commissions.
  • Insurance middlemen often make 30-45% as commissions on the products they sell. Which means more than 1/3rd of your hard earned money wouldn’t be working for you.

But being able to protect & grow money well, is a liberating, life-altering skill. It’s the one skill we all need no matter what we do for a living. And owing to the middleman commissions, a lot of platforms with self-serving interests often masquerade as financial education providers.

The Moneyplanting Program

Workshop on financial wellness

The Moneyplanting Program teaches everything that every working adult needs to know when it comes to investing and finances. It’s USP is in its simplicity. This is Finance in a way never taught before. It relies on laying a strong foundation in fundamentals. This makes understanding of advanced topics surprisingly effortless. It also teaches step-by-step recipes, most common pitfalls, and life’s pro-tips.

This is critical financial knowledge; one which even financially curious minds take more than 10 years to gather.

The program is unique because


The training is ruthlessly unbiased and sales-free. There are no products to push, no middleman commissions to earn. Participants truly learn of the things that work best. Because this is the business of educating, not selling.


The workshop goes beyond topics of Investing to teach other critical aspects needed by every working individual to live a financially rewarding life. Taxation, insurance, loans, salary structures & more.


Highly engaging content coupled with the use of story-telling ensures that every concept is understood brilliantly and in a way it sticks; no matter how hard. This is finance in a way never taught before.


You made a lot of things so easy. The current folio I have today, I owe it a lot to you. Thanks a lot again for the wonderful session.


Never seen people mobbing the speaker afterwards! Great session. Thanks! Enthralled. Your presentation was beautiful. You really demystified personal finances for dummies.


Thank you so much for taking the time out. Deeply appreciated. You will do a lot of people a big favor by helping them understand finances better.


Thanks for the wonderful talk on investments yesterday. We have benefitted so much. We feel blessed. Truly you are a good teacher.


Thank you for the wonderful and insightful session. It was just amazing. People loved your presentation and see you as a person who is re-inventing the way finances should be dealt with.


It was a great pleasure having you over. Thanks a lot for sharing your valuable knowledge with us. I am very sure each and every one benefitted from the session.


Workshop Schedule

8:30 to 9:00 Arrival
Equity, Debt, Gold, Funds
10:45 to 11:00 Break
11:00 to 12:45 INCOME & TAXATION
Types, salary taxation, capital gains & more.
12:45 to 1:15 Lunch
How-tos, pitfalls, types, selection, goal based investing, risks, returns
3:30 to 3:45 Break
Rarely taught aspects of investing and insurance
5:00 to 5:30 OPEN SESSION

Weekend Workshop F.A.Q

Do I need to have some understanding of finances to attend the workshop?

No. All the fundamentals needed will be taught before moving onto advanced topics. All you need to do, is come with an open mind.

What will I be able to accomplish once I’ve completed the workshop?

– Tell the difference between a good investment and one that’s designed to make money off you.
– Know which asset class/investment will serve your goals and needs well.
– Identify a good mutual fund and know how to invest in it.
– Identify a good financial advisor from one that is interested in commissions.
– Understand your salary structure, its taxation, and the concept of capital gains from various other incomes
– Understand the deeper intricacies how loans and insurances affect wealth generation
– Know of all the pro ways you can make make managing finances and investing surprisingly effortless.

What is the attendance size of each workshop?

Attendance to each session is limited to just 20. The focus is on getting the attendees started on their investing journey, and ensuring no one goes back without learning the fundamentals of this life-critical skill.

What age group is the workshop for? Who can attend?

The program is designed for those above the age of 25.

Why attend this workshop when I can learn from books?

Purely from a learning perspective, the human mind on an average can only remember 20% of what is read. While learning received from mixed-mode trainings, like that from of a live workshop, has more than a 70% recall rate. This one day workshop, due to the methods deployed, can help you gain the amount of knowledge which most working adults fail to gather, even after a decade of work life.

Why attend this workshop when I could learn via online courses?

For one, most financial wellness and investing content online isn’t designed for India. But in order to get started, one needs to know all the investment options and the investing landscape available locally.
And two, online courses have almost a 90% drop out rate. By committing to a full day of learning, you’ll be able to ensure you truly pick up this much needed skill.

Do I receive a certification?

Yes. Upon completion of the course, an e-certificate will be awarded to each of the participants.

How much is the registration fee?

Registration fee for the 1-day workshop is 3500/- per head.

Workshop registrations are closed. Where can I get waitlisted for the next session?

You can sign up for alerts on upcoming workshops by joining my waiting list below.

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Corporate Workshops

Corporate programs are conducted in batch sizes of up to 100 PAX. For details on pricing, please drop in a note at

Each participant of the corporate program also receive a complementary copy of the book ‘Grownups Are Just Kids With Money’ at the end of the program. The book acts as a reference manual for the program. Read more about the book here.

Start With The Corporate Moneyplanting Bootcamp

The Moneyplanting Financial Wellness Bootcamp is a short 2 hour session which acts as an overview of the full program, besides going over aspects like the power of good investing, common financial pitfalls and critical Life Pro Tips. Audiences as large as 150 have attended this in a single sitting and have been left inspired. To many, it serves as a much-needed wake-up call.

The boot camp is also a great way to evaluate the relevance, and any customizations required for the full Moneyplanting program.

Drop in a note to find out more.

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