The Moneyplanting Program

Owing to the high learning barrier of finances, it’s easy to find individuals with little or no financial knowledge, despite having had an income for over 10 years. This lack of adequate financial literacy means that despite being well educated, millions fall prey to bad advise, invest hastily, and commit the same financial mistakes year after year.

The Moneyplanting Program teaches everything that every working adult needs to know when it comes to investing and finances.

The Moneyplanting Program on Financial Wellness & Investing

Its USP is in its simplicity. It relies on laying a strong foundation in fundamentals. This makes understanding of more advanced topics surprisingly effortless. It also teaches step-by-step recipes, most common pitfalls, and life’s pro-tips. This is finance in a way never taught before. The program teaches critical financial knowledge; one that even financially curious minds take more than 10 years to gather.

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