Quiz On Basics of Finances – 10 Questions To Test Your Knowledge

Quiz on Basics of Finances - Based on the Book 'Smart Money Moves' and 'The Moneyplanting Program'

This short, 10-question quiz on basics of finances covers a wide range of personal finance topics. And ones which we all need to know. Take the quiz, and see how much you know.

Before you Take the Quiz On Basics of Finances

  1. All questions in the quiz are extracted from the contents of the book Smart Money Moves, and the workshop The Moneyplanting Program.
  2. No question here has an ambiguous answer. The right answer, is right by miles.
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The Moneyplanting Quiz

An investment of 10 Lakhs in a good piece of Real Estate in India in 1998 would've grown to about 1.8 Crores by 2015. That's an 18X return over that 20 year period. If you were however unlucky enough to have put that 1 Lakh in an equity mutual fund, which had the poorest performance over the same period, how much do you suppose your return would have been? 
If you had to, which type of financial advisor would you hire?
Which is the best way to invest in Gold?
Say you decide to invest in a mutual fund. Which channel from these below will allow you to generate better returns from the same mutual fund?
Which statements from below are true?
How often is it good to check how well your equity mutual fund investments are performing?
Which investment among these do you suppose has consistently provided the highest long-term returns in India?
Which from below is a good explanation of 'Market Cap'?
Financial middlemen(agents/distributors) often walk away with a large chunk of your investment as commissions. Which investment products from the ones below do you suppose have the highest percentage of middleman commissions?
Out of the Equity related strategies from below, which has been known to provide the highest long term returns, time and time again?

How did you score?

  • If you scored 10/10 on your first try, that’s impressive.
  • The questions are of a fundamental nature.
  • Any score less than 9 would indicate you stand to gain a lot by learning more.
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