Mutual Funds Basics

This short, 10-question mutual fund trivia quiz tests your knowledge of mutual funds in India, its categories, common pitfalls and the like.
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1. Which asset classes can you invest in, using a Mutual Fund?
2. If you decide to use the services of a financial advisor/planner to invest in mutual funds, which type of advisor should you look for?
3. Mutual funds which help you save taxes are also referred to with this name. Which one?
4. Which type of mutual fund can one blindly invest in?
5. If you wanted to keep most of your money safe, and expose a small portion of it to some risk (so it can earn a higher return), which category of mutual fund would you pick?
6. Which category of mutual funds should investors strictly avoid?
7. Which product from below is most similar to a Mutual Fund?
8. Which type of mutual fund from below is most likely to charge the least for fund management?
9. Which channel from these below will allow you to get higher returns from the same mutual fund?
10. How often should you check-up on how well your equity mutual fund investments are doing?

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