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Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work.
Thomas Edison

Vinod Desai, Author & Founder

Vinod Desai is the author of multiple books on personal finance.  His work stands out because he understands how most adults perceive the topic of finances. The emphasis is on teaching the fundamentals, and treading that careful ground between too much information, and too little.
Vinod Desai - Author

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Interview With Vinod Desai


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Vinod's Latest Book


Smart Money Moves is Vinod’s latest, most updated work, and was published by India’s largest publisher in October 2019. It’s a follow-up to his last highly rated work GROWNUPS ARE JUST KIDS WITH MONEY.

This recently released work is the most comprehensive, easy-to-read book in the Indian market on personal finances and will always stay updated, and in print.


Why his work stands out

Impartial & Unbiased

In an industry riddled with middlemen who work on commissions, he stays true to the goal of Education. 

Industry-leading content

The program’s training content helps understand finances in a way rarely possible before. The focus is not just to inspire, but to get participants off the ground.  

Time hardened lessons

He’s seen market crashes and knows the damage that poor financial education can do. There are no get rich quick schemes.

Promotion of fee-only financial advisors

Fee-only advisors are a rare breed of financial planners who keep away from the lure of commissions, and only work in the client’s best interests. He promotes them to ensure they thrive.

The support for all things commission-free

Whether its direct plan mutual funds, term insurances, or low overhead index-funds; he evangelizes everything that works keeping an investor’s interests in mind.

The pro-bono & easy-accessibility work

His bootcamp sessions are provided free of cost to charities and non-profit trusts. His books make life-altering knowledge accessible, for the price of a bad pizza meal.

Vinod Desai's Past Works


Released in 2018


Released in 2017

I'M EARNING. NOW WHAT? [Out of circulation]

Released in 2013, and was first created as a reference guide for his training programs in early 2011. 

A Note By Vinod


Hello. Glad you’re here.

I started The Moneyplanting Program with the goal of providing access to unbiased, quality financial education; one which I never had access to when I had started my journey back in 2004.

It imparts knowledge that makes us a grownup, since most grownups’ knowledge of finances is usually restricted to buying things, paying bills and saving whatever is possible on taxes.

Knowing how to invest money well is a liberating, life-altering skill. And unfortunately, no one will take care of our money as well as we would. The problem of middlemen commissions is rampant, all-encompassing.

So whether you’re an organization looking to improve the lives of your employees, or are a reader of my books, I’d like to tell you that I’m glad you are here, and that there is no better time to take that first step, than now.

I do not provide financial advisory

While I am happy to reply to your mails, I tend not to reply to those
which are asking for financial advise. I am not a financial advisor, nor do I intend to become one. Further, it’s hard to know all the full details of your situation and needs.

Basic investing principles remain unchanged, and can easily be learnt with access to the right medium. My books and programs will help you become your own financial planner.

In the far chance that you do decide to hire a financial planner, I’d recommend you only hire fee-only financial advisors. You’ll find a full list of such advisors here.

My teaching philosophy

My teaching’s goal is twofold – to remove the fear of finances, and to inspire. I cannot teach every little detail there is to know, because that is rather impossible. Like any other skill, the learning here too is never-ending. 

But there is a threshold of adequacy when it comes to the knowledge personal finances – a threshold of knowledge which will serve you well for the rest of your life. As an analogy, being able to drive a car safely from A to B is an essential lifeskill – a skill that will serve you well for all remainder of your life. But it won’t make you as good as an F1 or a rally driver. But that’s alright, because that wasn’t the goal to begin with. 

My program’s goal is just that – to take students to a stage of self-reliance, which enables problem solving and further self-discovery. 

In the words of Lao Tzu:

“When the student is ready, the teacher appears. When the student is truly ready, the teacher disappears.”

My investing philosophy

“There’s little point in being the richest person in the graveyard.” – Anon

My investing philosophy is driven by simplicity. The intent is to ensure that even after sound investing, there is still plenty of time and headspace for things which matter more in life than money. I promote investing in direct mutual funds over stock trading, and direct index funds over direct mutual funds. 

Most stock traders in India make less returns than that of a bank FD over a 3 year period. And index funds often beat at least 50% of actively managed mutual funds. So this promotion of simple, low-overhead products isn’t only driven by the goal of saving time and money, but also on sound studies. I place a large emphasis on fundamentals, because it’s as important to ensure you don’t lose money on hastily-researched products, as it is to ensure the growth of money. 

On other books and investment ideas

I am often asked to read other books or comment on other investing ideas. But truth be told, I have neither the time nor the intent for it. What I’ve arrived at has worked perfectly well for me and I’m certain will work perfectly well even in the future. I have no intention to convince you that my strategy will work well for you, despite knowing fully well that it will, because almost all of it is based on learning the fundamentals of this field. 

Investing is also not a one-size-fits-all strategy. It needs to be modified based on one’s own goals and needs. And there is no better person to understand your needs than yourself. The only way out in which case, is to start learning the nuances of this field yourselves. Several will never take this first step. Those who do, will prosper.

My primary intent is to educate. Though I am rather certain that you will arrive at the same strategy which I have, the journey is yours to make.

Social Media

I’m a semi-hermit of sorts. My presence on social media is miserable at best. You can connect with me on LinkedIn, but my updates are far and few in between.

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