The New Book on Financial Wellness, Launch Event And Youtube Videos

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After almost a year of work, my third and latest book on financial wellness and money fundamentals is now out.

Great. What’s it called?

It’s titled ‘Smart Money Moves’.

Agreed. The name isn’t as creative as my previous works, but the team’s hoping the simple title will communicate the message better and make the book seem more approachable.

The book is published by Jaico Publishers from Mumbai – the same folks who are responsible for bringing out works like The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari, Chanakya and such.

why did A NEW book need to be written?

I could’ve just released the third edition of ‘Grownups Are Just Kids With Money’. So why start from scratch with a whole new title?

Because the last one wasn’t by Jaico Publishers. Jaico has phenomenal reach and a great distribution network. They can ensure the work reaches every nook and cranny of India. And for a topic as critical, and a book as unbiased, it was only fair that it reached a wider audience.

What’s different about this book?

Besides being up-to-date with the latest budgetary changes, it also includes some fringe topics which are useful to the readers – things like stock investing strategies, the dangers of MLMs and Pyramid schemes, ways to create a second source of income and so on.

Is this your best work yet?

Absolutely. I was rather proud of ‘Grownups Are Just Kids With Money’ when it came out. But this new book takes the cake. Because it truly is E.V.E.R.Y.T.H.I.N.G I wish I was taught about money when I had first started earning; in short end-to-end financial wellness in one single source.

This book will always stay updated and relevant. There are no plans to stop until it becomes a de-facto gift standard of sorts; something every parent gifts their children as soon as they get out of college.

when will the new book start shipping?

First copies will start shipping on October 2nd.

Where can I pre-order it?

Pre-orders are now open on Amazon.

Smart Money Moves - New Self-Help Book on Personal Finances by Author Vinod Desai - The Moneyplanting Program
Smart Money Moves – New Self-Help Book on Personal Finances by Author Vinod Desai – The Moneyplanting Program

Does pre-ordering help?

You’ll just get the book early. But on the other side it helps the book a lot. It helps publishers plan logistics, and the book gets better rankings on Amazon. And that makes the book standout, which then helps it reach more people. So if you’d like to support my work do pre-order. As an author, I barely make 10% in royalties. So I have little incentive to sell you a copy. But on the other hand, every reader of the book stand a chance to gather a lifetime of valuable learning, for the prize of a pizza meal.

Will there be a book launch event?

No. We decided against it yesterday.

Most authors love having a book launch event. It’s a significant body of work after all; something which will live long after the author’s gone. So it’s fair to want one.

But launch events are just not that effective anymore. So we’ve decided that all marketing expenditure be instead routed to avenues that provide better RoI. Micro-influencer campaigns, Amazon ads, book giveaways, book reading clubs, libraries, corporate bulk order promotions and such.

I will however come down for a cup of coffee and book signing at a cafe in Bangalore around the end of October. If you’d like to drop in for a chat and get your copy signed, do come by.

I don’t like reading books. How can I still learn this skill?

You can look for an upcoming weekend program here.

I’d like to stay in touch about your work. what’s the best way to do that?

The best way is to sign up for alerts on my blog here. You can follow me on LinkedIn here, but I don’t post there often.

Is there a plan to create youtube videos on financial wellness?

Nope. Being social takes a lot of work. Being in front of camera, even more so. And I’m a semi-hermit of sorts. That is why book writing fits me well. It’s one of the most solitary activities I could’ve taken up.

I do however thoroughly enjoy teaching in small groups. There’s something extremely rewarding about it. And I also believe this topic cannot be taught in bits and pieces. This focussed teaching helps me make sure no one goes back without learning all the fundamentals of this life-critical skill.

This was a long Post. Don’t you think its time to end it?

Right you are lad. Off I go.

Happy Moneyplanting.

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