Corporate Financial Wellness Program

Contents and Schedule

Intro & BootcampLoans
Asset class fundamentals: EquityInsurance
Asset class fundamentals: DebtIncome & Taxation
Asset class fundamentals: GoldTax-Saving
Asset class fundamentals: Real EstateGoal planning
Intro and deep dive: Mutual FundsHow-To & Life Pro Tips
Most common pitfallsConclusion

Program Addons:

1. Discount on Bulk Book Giveaway

The recently launched ‘Smart Money Moves‘ is a follow up to the highly rated ‘Grownups Are Just Kids With Money’.

  • Bulk discount of 25% on MRP is available for 100 copies and more.
  • Copies will be shipped directly to the official address provided.

2. DISCOUNT ON BULK BOOK GIVEAWAY With Author Signing event

Besides a simple giveaway, a complementary author book signing session can be provided upon request.

more about this financial wellness program’s USP

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Corporate Workshop F.A.Q

What is the recommended size for each session?

In order to allow space for interactions, the recommended size per session is 50 PAX.

What is the program duration?

Program spans 2 consecutive days. Each day starts at 9 AM and ends at 5:30 PM.

Is it possible to select only one of the two days?

The program teaches critical financial lessons, and the knowledge gained provides rewards for life. A single day program is hence not recommended.

Do participants need a laptop/computer during the program?

Participants do not need to have computers.

What is the best time in the week to schedule the financial wellness program?

The program though highly engaging, can feel overwhelming due to the amount of knowledge learnt. It is recommended that the program be held on a Thursday and a Friday.

Does the program make any specific investment recommendations?

Absolutely not. The program is 100% sales-free. The focus is on fundamentals as opposed to advisory.

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