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5 Money Lessons Which Many Will Realize Too Late

If I were allowed to tell you only 5 money lessons, here’s what they’d be. NUMBER 1 OF 5 MONEY LESSONS: Being able to invest money well, is a life-altering skill. And yet, very few will ever learn it. Knowing how to grow and protect money in a stress-free manner, is as liberating a skill … Read more

Best Financial advisors in India

Best Financial Advisors in India | Fee-only | Zero Commissions

TL;DR: Fee-only financial advisors are a rare breed of financial advisors. Unlike 95% of the advisors out there, they don’t work on commissions. These commissions cause a significant dent in your overall long-term wealth. This page here lists all known fee-only financial advisors in India. In case you happen to find someone who isn’t on … Read more

Why Do Stock Prices Change - The Moneyplanting Program

Why do stock prices change?

Stock prices change because of changes in supply and demand. But first let’s get a highly simplified understanding of a stock. For a more complete understanding, you are better of picking up a copy of the book, or attending the live program. What is a stock? A stock is nothing but a certificate of part … Read more