How To Start Investing | Mutual Funds And More | Beginner's QA

How To Start Investing | Mutual Funds & More | Beginner’s Q&A

Some 80 odd questions came from about 350 participants of a Bootcamp corporate webinar held last week. Those questions are being posted here, since the blog is a free resource and will help other readers as well.

I’ve clubbed similar questions into a single one. And again, just about every question here has been answered in excruciating detail in the book.

No surprise then, that I answered these questions in the same enthusiasm as a child who’s been asked to do redo his last year’s homework.

LIC Policy Commissions

Buying an LIC Policy | What You Should Know | 2020

If you, or someone you care about are planning to invest in an LIC policy, here are some critical, mind-bending facts which you need to know. In a way this is also everything that your agent doesn’t want you to know.

This post isn’t about the low overall effectiveness of such LIC policies, but about how your hard earned wealth ends up working for your LIC agent.

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fivefold path to wealth

Summary of 100 Years of Wisdom – The Fivefold Path to Wealth

Pandemics, world wars, recessions, investing strategies have come and gone. But through the thick and thin of it, the core principles of wealth building haven’t changed. Though being proven by studies year after year, these simple rules are often ignored because they’re far too simple; too boring.

Old Vs New Tax Slab

Old Vs New Tax slabs: A Quiz and a Calculator to help you decide

Starting 2020, you’ll need to tell your employer every year whether you plan to choose the old tax regime, or the new one.

As with everything else on the planet, both approaches have their pros and cons. The good thing though, is that it isn’t set in stone. Salaried folks can switch between the two regimes every year. But how does you choose?

This post lists four ways which will help you decide — including a quiz and a tax calculator.


Tax saving mutual funds

Tax saving mutual funds: For who, and when to sell

This might be too basic a post for most subscribed readers of this site. But tax saving mutual funds are typically the first point of entry for most new equity investors. The whole post has been written in F.A.Qs, with clearly visible Qs. Feel free to jump skip all the questions you are certain you know.