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Mutual fund commissions in India; and the wealth lost to them

TL;DR: This post lists mutual fund commissions paid to various financial advisors and distributors in India, in an easily sortable and searchable table. To see how much your advisor, bank, or mutual fund investing platform has made in commissions, simply enter their name. Jump to the table by clicking here.

Recession in India & US | Predictions for the last 10 years

With 2020 coming to an end, and talks of recession in India in 2021, I wanted to bring forward something for purely an educational purpose. This is especially relevant for beginners and also for those who try to time the market. The fact is, Economists have predicted a recession for each year, since the last … Read more

Capital Gains Tax - Indian Investments

Capital Gains Tax On Mutual Funds And Other Common Assets

I recently received a query about capital gains tax on mutual funds. So I decided to put together a post which covers taxation of mutual funds and other more common assets. STCG stands for Short-Term Capital Gains LTCG stands for Long-Term Capital Gains Indexation benefit allows you to reduce your tax burden, by adjusting your … Read more

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5 Money Lessons Which Many Will Realize Too Late

If I were allowed to tell you only 5 money lessons, here’s what they’d be. NUMBER 1 OF 5 MONEY LESSONS: Being able to invest money well, is a life-altering skill. And yet, very few will ever learn it. Knowing how to grow and protect money in a stress-free manner, is as liberating a skill … Read more

Best Financial advisors in India

Best Financial Advisors in India | Fee-only | Zero Commissions

TL;DR: Fee-only financial advisors are a rare breed of financial advisors. Unlike 95% of the advisors out there, they don’t work on commissions. These commissions cause a significant dent in your overall long-term wealth. This page here lists all known fee-only financial advisors in India. In case you happen to find someone who isn’t on … Read more