We’re giving away free copies of the book

Finance For Beginners

What’s the fuss about?

My publisher is keen on giving away a few free copies of my book. So, here’s your chance to score one.

Nothing comes for free. So what’s the catch?

I always warn my readers of anything which is free — whether it’s free mutual fund platforms, or a financial advisor who works for nothing.

So, that’s fair. There is a catch yeah.

But it’ll cost you nothing. Zero.

All that’s expected in return, is that you write the book an honest review once you’re done reading. Good, great, terrible — doesn’t matter. A simple, honest review that’ll help others find the book. And once those folks read the book, you’ll get additional good vibes and karma your way — because you would’ve played a part in their journey of financial literacy.

Alright. How does one qualify?

Just submit the details in the form below and that is it. There are no restrictions. Submitting the details in the form will also sign you up for future alerts on giveaways and posts. But fret not. Every mail comes with a way to unsub.

Who picks the winners?

My publishing team will do that. I just pass the entries along.

Is there a way to improve the chances of winning?

Yeah. They clearly want the word about the book to spread as much as possible. So I’m guessing they’ll be more inclined to pick you, if you’re a blogger, a book reviewer or a micro-influencer of sorts. So if you are one, don’t forget to leave your handle’s address in the form. (Even if you have 500 followers on Instagram, I’d count you as a social media rockstar/micro-influencer. Because even in my hay day, I had a maximum of 11 followers. 11. My uncles and aunts mostly.)

When does the giveaway end?

The plan is to give away books every month. This giveaway will close end of August. And winners will be picked in the first week of September. A new giveaway will be opened for September.

It’s hard to believe we’re talking about September 2020 already. What a year 2020 has been.

Enter Giveaway

And that’s it. Happy Moneyplanting.

Have a good mask-wearing, socially-distancing, often-hand-sanitizing weekend.

Vinod Desai

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