Saving taxes, Mutual Funds, Salary Structures and Everything Else

saving taxes aside, Here’s everything Program and the book teaches

2 The Stuff Most Investments Are Made Of
2.1 Understanding Stocks
2.2 An FD Is A Debt Product. But What Is Debt?
2.3 Why We’ll Always Love Gold
2.4 Should You Buy Or Rent Real Estate
2.5 Investing In Cash

3 Mutual Funds Are Like Sliced Bread But Better
3.1 The Most Useful Types Of Mutual Funds
3.2 Why So Few Have Heard Of Direct Funds

4 How To Buy Things You Can’t Afford
4.1 Home Loan
4.2 The Fool’s Tax And The Fool’s Loan
4.3 A Credit Card Is A Type Of Loan
4.4 Other Loans Under The Sun
4.5 More Advice For The Loanly

5 Insurance: What You Can’t Buy When You Most Need
5.1 Must-Have Insurance Policies
5.2 Insurances You Don’t Need But Will Be Sold
5.3 All The Ways Your Insurance Will Fail You

6 Your Salary And Getting More Out Of It
6.1 That Complicated Salary Slip Of Yours
6.2 Things Your Salary Is Made Of
6.3 Things Salaried Folks Need To Do Every Year
6.4 Getting More Out Of Your Salary

7 Good, Bad And Terrible Ways To Save Taxes
7.1 The Must-Haves And The Reasonably Good
7.2 The Not-So-Great Ways To Save Taxes
7.3 A Bucket List Of All Deductions Available

8 A Fountain Of Incredibly Useful Trivia
8.1 Why Old Folks Love Lic Policies
8.2 How To Invest Small Or Large Amounts
8.3 Critical Things To Know About Equities
Things To Strictly Avoid
8.5 What To Look For In A Financial Advisor
8.6 More About Taxes
8.7 When To Pick Up Portfolio Management Services
8.8 Understanding Goal-Based Investing
8.9 Simple Useful Math

9 For When You Are Older, Saner, Plainer
9.1 Why Invest For Retirement At All?
Investing For Retirement
9.3 Investing Post-Retirement
9.4 Tax Benefits For Senior Citizens

10 How-To Recipes And The Best Ways
10.1 Find Good Funds And Invest In Them
10.2 Invest In Gold
10.3 Buy Insurance Policies
10.4 Invest In Just About Anything
10.5 Track The Status Of Your Investments

11 Advanced Topics You’ll Be Glad You Knew
11.1 Different Types Of Income
11.2 More On Taxes
11.3 More On Equities
11.4 More On Mutual Funds
11.5 Other Useful Info
11.6 How To Find Commission-Free Financial Advisors In India

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