Learn How to Invest

If you’ve recently gotten serious about investing, here’s how I suggest you start.

STEP 1: Read the book ‘Grownups Are Just Kids With Money’

I sympathize with you if you aren’t a book reader. But there’s simply no way around it for now. I’ve been reviewing books in this field for more than a decade, and am still to find one which is as comprehensive as ‘Grownups Are Just Kids With Money’. There’s a reason why it has an average rating of 4.7/5 on Amazon and 4.6/5 on Goodreads. As an author, I barely make 10% of the book’s listed price. So I truly have very little incentive to sell you the book. But you on the other hand, stand to gain a 10 year head start on financial knowledge for the price of a pizza meal.

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STEP 2: Read the book a second time.

Like most of my other readers, you too will be amazed at how much the book manages to teach you. However, from a purely from a learning perspective, the human brain can only remember 20% of what it reads. Which means that for a subject and a life skill as critical as this, its best to read it again. This time, keep a highlighter and a pen handy. Highlight generously, scribble voraciously.

STEP 3: Subscribe to this blog

Besides what’s already in the current edition of the book, the blog helps me put out content without having to wait for the next one. The language here is as simple as that used in the book. So, I’d suggest you start reading the posts here. You can leave a comment or two, I’ll try my best to respond to them. If you subscribe to the blog, you’ll receive an email anytime I post something new. I hate spam as much as you. So there will never be any of that.

My posts are usually on Investing, and occasionally on travel, humor or anything else I feel like writing about.

STEP 4: Take your first steps using the book’s How-To Section

The book’s ‘Step-by-step’ recipes section gives you clear directions on taking your first steps; whether it’s buying your first mutual fund, setting up an SIP or picking up an insurance.